Morning hush

There is nothing more peaceful in my life than my house in the morning, the stretch before anyone but me is up. The pets will paw around the house a bit but so long as food bowls are full you’ll get nothing from them louder than a friendly good-morning mew or welcoming stretch. The sound of breathing might come through the baby monitor. The road is silent as it’s to early for farmers to be moving quite yet (plus our road is usually pretty silent). It is the only time all day I have that is entirely my own until about 8:20pm, and I love it. When I am able to get up bright and early, having this 30-60 minutes of solititude will improve my whole day.

Eventually it will be interrupted with the footsteps of one one of the boys: small little thud-thud-thuds. My littlest can make his way downstairs on his own, but he’ll often stop to “play” with Dad in bed or wake up his big brother. And my biggest will be down quickly, but inevitably his movements will wake the littlest. And so, in an instant, the peace of morning turns into the also-enjoyable calm-before-reality, in which the kids are still sleepy and sweet and pleasant and haven’t built up the motivation or energy to start truly being kids with yelling, running, fighting, etc.

I just love mornings. Someday, I’ll wake up and the mornings will truly be my own. Either the kids will sleep much later or they’ll have moved on entirely. But for now, during this sweetest but most exhausting phase of life, this is what I’ve got.



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