Starting Somewhere

My son is four-and-a-half. It is cliched but amazing, how quickly the time passes. He is darling, he is smart and funny, he is sometimes naughty and moody, he is wonderful. He likes ninja turtles and superheros and his dad.

He also is a big brother. We welcomed Baby Boy #2 last October, just 3 days prior to Baby Boy #1’s third birthday. P is D’s little mini-me. They are so similar in sweet demeanors and gorgeous little fuzzy blond heads that usually when I see a picture of D when he was less than a year old I have to do a double-take to figure out who is who.

Having a newborn and a three year old at the same time sure made for an interesting few months. I about lost my mind. But fortunately we’re getting into normal life now – D is a little less crazy than he used to be, P is a good sleeper, we are good.   I’d like to say that D is a wonderful big brother, and really he mostly is, but then there are those times I see him walk by his baby brother and punch him in the arm for no good reason, and I realize: he is just a big brother.

Things at the clinic are great. We’re 5 years old! How did THAT happen?? I often think back on those first few days, weeks, YEARS of being a brand new vet and practice owner and you know what I think about? Absolutely nothing. I don’t remember those days at all.  Suffice it to say, I’m happy to be where I am now, almost 6 years out.  I love the clinic, I Really love my clients and my staff. It’s a good job, and it makes for a good life. Sometimes it’s extremely stressful, but for now, it is all well worth it.



2 thoughts on “Starting Somewhere

  1. Suburban Mom

    Somehow I lost track that you were still blogging, so I have to catch up. Sounds like you are doing well. I started a new blog: lovingjames, if you’re interested.

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