family fun time…sort of

It has been an absolute waste of a spring here in central Iowa.  We had several inches of snow on May 4th.  Then,  we had a super nice 10 days: the snow melted quickly, the fields dried out, the farmers started planting, life was good.  Then, it started raining.  And it got cold. And it kept raining. And it stayed cold. Now it’s June, commonly considered a “summer” month, and it’s about 60F out and the fields still have standing water, and the farmers are not happy. Neither are their wives.

So when last weekend loomed, my farmer and I realized it was the perfect time to get the heck out of here.  We thought about a quickie road trip – maybe 6hrs east to Chicago! Or 3 hours southwest to Omaha? Or 3 hours due east to Galena, IL, which people sometimes say is rather nice though I’m not sure why?  Unfortunately, we didn’t start planning until Thursday night, and I had a full day of appointments booked Friday, which meant we couldn’t leave early.  Friday morning we decided: road trip 1 hour south to the exotic and unusual Des Moines!

We booked a hotel with a suite and a pool, and loaded up the car with the dog and the boy (found a pet-friendly hotel).  Isn’t it weird how it doesn’t matter if you’re leaving for 2 nights or 20, packing for kids makes it a Big Huge Deal and is just never as simple as it seems it should be. But anyway, we got away.

And you know, even though we were just in Des Moines, where we go often, where my farmer lived for a few years, it was really, really nice.  No sitting around thinking, “I should be doing laundry!”, or “I should be cleaning!”.   He couldn’t sit and frown at the wet fields that he couldn’t work. We spent time together. We went to the Des Moines Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. The farmers’ market used to be one of my favorites things to do – tons of vendors, fresh produce, wine tastings and yummy street food. And I still love it though now that I’ve lived in the country for a few years ALL THE FREAKING PEOPLE drive me a little bit nuts. Me and my farmer both, though he was a total sport for it.

It’s just amazing how getting away, no matter how close, was such a nice break! I highly recommend it for the stressed out among you!


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