Fit Bit: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Obvious

(one of my biggest struggles with this blog is that it’s so undefined in scope. It was a vet school blog…so do you really want to hear about my attempts to get healthier? Do you want to know about my son? My vet clinic? My life as a farmer’s wife? So I’m trying to not overthink it and just write about whatever inspires me. Hope that works for you!)

I have been a happy FitBit wearer for a solid 3-4 weeks now, and truly, I love it. We’ve had some getting used to each other to do, we’ve come to accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and it’s possible I get a little panicky when I realize that I’ve left it behind (more on that later).

The Good: It is rather motivating. If I get to midday and see that I’ve only logged 3000 or so steps, I know that I need to get out for a walk or to start pacing or SOMETHING. Also, the interface that breaks down my day is positively fascinating. It will graph out over which times during each day I took the most steps, burned the most calories, etc. I also LOVE getting the extra calories credit in MyFitnessPal, though I’ve been rather crappy about actually using MyFitnessPal lately.

The Bad: It’s not a mind reader. Yesterday, in a fit of motivation I did a Jillian Michael’s 30-day-shred workout followed by a 20 minute Kettle Bell workout. Both workouts are video based and had me sweating and panting like a fool, but at the end of them, FitBit had logged about 100 steps and 150 calories burned.  And though it knows that I went up and down the stairs at home 4000 times yesterday, it doesn’t know that half the time I’m carrying a 26lb toddler. I’m not sure how it calculates calories burned – it’s not totally a function of the steps taken because there are days where my steps are low and my calories high, but it clearly can’t pick much up when it comes to jumping-in-place type workouts. And you know, I don’t wear it in the shower, so those minutes of aggressively washing my hair go unnoticed.

The Ugly: I’m kind of obsessed. Like I said, I don’t wear it in the shower. But I wish I could. And when I realize that I’ve just walked from one end of the house to the other without wearing it, I get a little panicky. Also, that interface breaks down your day into how much time was spent “Very Active”, “Fairly Active”, “Lightly Active” and “Sedentary”, and HOLY CRAP are those numbers alarming. On an active day, I’m sedentary for 16-18 hours!! Crazy, and kind of depressing.

The Obvious: I was pleased as punch to find out that logging 10000 steps a day is not a difficult chore for me. I do it without trying about 50% of the time. Since this was a pre-set goal, initially I thought “yay! I’m super active and healthy!”. But the cold hard truth is that I’ve really been “trying” to lose weight for at least 6 months (more like 6 years, but I did Couch-to-5K last summer and really, truly started in earnest then. And yet, my weight has not fluctuated up OR down by one tiny pound. And so it doesn’t matter how active I AM, it matters just that a. I am not active ENOUGH and b. I eat too much. And until I change that, I’ll change nothing else. Duh.



5 thoughts on “Fit Bit: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Obvious

  1. Katie

    Me three. I had been wondering how your new gadgetry was working out. I might have to buy myself one.

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