Tax season!

I used to like to do my taxes. I could sit down with my few W-2s (I think one year of my life did I only have one job), the 1040 form and instructions, and plug away at it. My situation wasn’t particularly complicated, it only took a few hours, and at the end I’d have that self-satisfied feeling you get after changing your own flat tire.

But then, two terrible things happened:

1. I bought and operated my own business; and

2. I married a farmer.

Now, the business thing is bad enough. I may never, ever appreciate depreciation. I don’t get it, I just don’t. And I don’t think I want to, which is the real problem. But marrying the farmer? Never again will I do my taxes. The farmer income system is the most convoluted, screwed up thing you’ve ever considered. IF I knew where to start with my own business (which I don’t), his renders me doing my own taxes utterly impossible.

So, I stick to the basics: I print and file W-2s/W-3s for my employees, I pay sales tax, property tax, and file the 940s/941s. And for now, I think that that is quite good enough.

Our meeting with our tax attorney is tomorrow, and we let him do the heavy lifting. For the past two years, this meeting was preceded but a late night of hustling to get my ducks in a row, but this year, I think I have everything pretty well situated. Wish us luck!


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