15 1/2 months

My baby is almost 16 months old now. I say it every month, but this month really is the most fun one yet! He’s becoming so smart and interactive and fun. Highlights:

– He’s great at following simple directions and understanding questions. He can put things in the trash, bring me things I ask for, and hand me silverware from the dishwasher for me to put away. He loves to pull out clothes from the dryer so that I can fold them. Loves to “help”!  And he’s a smart cookie – the other day I was searching for a missing shoe so I asked him where the other shoe was and he found it straight away!

– He’s equally skilled at ignoring simple directions. His favorite to ignore is “come here please!”. Unless he legitimately thinks it means “go away” or “keep doing that naughty thing you’re doing”.

– He loves the pets, but isn’t all that gentle with them. He yanked a huge handful of fur out of Fat Martin’s side the other day. I’m desperately trying to teach him to be gentle as the pets are becoming weary of him.  Thank God they are all very good with him. Milo especially thinks he’s fantastic. ( He’s also good at pulling my hair.  Argh. )

– He’s starting to try to use a spoon. This is a whole new annoying level of toddler feeding! Messy, messy…but you have to start somewhere, right?

– He’s nervous around new adults, but LOVES to meet new kids. He does really well at day care even though he’s only there one day a week. And he loves to go to his grandparents (which he does 2.5 days/week), who I think have a better selection of toys that we do at home, but as soon as his father or I arrive, he grabs his coat AND our shoes.

– He’s always been a good sleeper, and still is. He still sleeps with a pacifier. As soon as he wakes up, he throws his paci, bears and blanket out of the bed, almost as if he really wants to stay awake and so exiles those things that soothe him.

– He’s a terrible talker. “Da da” is his favorite word, but he uses it to describe almost everything.  He’ll use “Mama” appropriately but usually just when he REALLY wants something. He’ll repeat “yuck”, “duck” and “tractor” if he’s in the mood. I have a feeling one day he will suddenly be a Talker, and then we’ll never hear the end of it.

– He’s an excellent walker and is almost up to running. When you ask him to get something for you, or if he’s ready to go to bed, he will set a very determined look on his face and do a very serious, fast-walk to wherever he needs to go and it is SO CUTE. Those little legs motoring along…ugh!

– He loves books all of a sudden! Since storytime before bed used to be tolerated at best and flat-out rejected at worst, this is a fun development. He’ll often sit quietly by himself flipping through the sometimes upside-down pages, or he’ll bring one over that he’d like you to flip through with him. It warms my book-loving heart.

He is an easy kid to love.


5 thoughts on “15 1/2 months

  1. Katie


    What kind of precautions did you take while you were pregnant with respect to isoflurane and other work hazards?

    I love your blog and have been reading it for a long time (years I think). Glad to see you blogging again.

    Katie, DVM

  2. ejh345

    Honestly, I really didn’t take more than the normal precautions: intubating everything, making sure our waste gas canister wasn’t full, etc. I was nervous about it (especially for dentals), but from what I could tell Iso isn’t *necessarily* bad for pregnancies, it’s just unknown. I also would still take x-rays (just didn’t have much choice, but doubled up on lead aprons – front and back. Good workout, there. No problems so far as I can tell!

  3. ejh345

    I never did. Looked into it, but frankly thought it might be overkill. I know, I know, nothing’s overkill when it comes to your kids, but still…:)

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