(some) sweet relief

Business has been booming lately, which is wonderful. Income is up, bank account numbers are up. All good things. Of course, this comes right when I’d REALLY rather be sleeping. REALLY. Starting in October (due in 11 days!) I’m starting to take it easier – doing surgery just one day a week*, and taking all of Thursdays off until baby comes or renders me so  useless I have to cut it back more than that, but still I am SO tired. And whiny. Last night, after a long day of surgery and appointments, I climbed into bed at 9pm and started crying. Just an FYI, this isn’t a super nice thing to do to a slightly on-edge husband who’s anxiously awaiting his first child’s arrival. But anyway, once we confirmed that I was really quite fine just a little tired and needed to blow off some steam, all was well. And really, it is all well.

So today is Wednesday, and normally would be a surgery day, but instead the morning was pretty full of appointments. And I wasn’t all that excited about it. And you know what happened? Every last one of them called to cancel. This was remarkable for a few reasons, most especially that they called – usually it’d just be no-shows. But it was also such fabulous timing. Normally I’d be anxious and worried about the state of the business, but today, a morning sitting in my office doing paperwork was exactly what I needed. Now so long as it doesn’t keep up once I’m back from having the baby, I’ll know it was the universe just helping me out a little.

*Ironically, despite my good intentions I’ll end up doing surgery FOUR days this week. I was supposed to do four surgeries on Tuesday, but one was dropped off Monday afternoon and since I had the time, I decided to sneak him in early, thankfully. Today I had to do a sort-of “emergency” neuter on a dog with prostatic disease (only an emergency because I’m running out of time to get them done). And I agreed to alter two kittens on Friday, mostly so that I would get them done before next Tuesday, when I just might be  having a baby.


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