Moments, and a penis in my stomach!!!

So my farmer I and WERE planning on trying to have a baby; in fact we made very careful plans, as responsible adults are wont to do. Because he’s a farmer, having a baby in Sept, Oct, early Nov, late April, May or June would not be a good thing – those are the times when he can be counted on to be busy and work looong hours. Because I’m a vet, having a baby in the spring or summer would be less than ideal – our busiest times. So we decided that we’d try to get pregnant sometime in the late winter/early spring, and have an early-mid winter baby. Brilliant!

And then, because we forgot everything we learned in sex ed class in jr. high, and because we’re both relatively geriatric, and because I had been on birth control for quite some time (too much information yet?), we calculated the odds of us getting pregnant when we first started trying at virtually nil, so decided to give ourselves time to get ready to really get pregnant by trying a few months early.

And then, approximately four weeks later, I was thinking that a late period was just par for the course for me and hells no was I pregnant so didn’t even give it a second thought. After another week, we thought, ohhh might as well just take a home pregnancy test so that I don’t feel guilty every time I drink a glass of wine. And we took it and it was definitely negative – I mean, there was a faint line where the positive line SHOULD be, but that was really just like a placeholder for where the line SHOULD be, not an actual positive result. And I swear to God, it absolutely wasn’t even in our heads at all that it might have been actually positive.  Another week, I thought hey, might as well use the other test, and I peed on it, and viola. Instantly, unmistakably positive.  We sat and stared and grinned stupidly at it for about an hour, until I decided that NO WAY could it have been that easy.  And so we drove to the nearest Walmart and bought two more kinds, and four tests later, well, I had a renewed appreciation for the efficacy of birth control.

So yeah, the baby’s due in october, which if  you were paying attention, isn’t exactly ideal. But it’s awesome, too.  Life is what’s happening when you’re busy making plans, and I’m starting to get a kick out of when it messes with me.

Anyway, thank GOD, pregnancy has been quite good to me. I had very mild nausea early on, but nothing that got in the way of my day-to-day life. I was completely exhausted beyond normal, but that was cured by taking a 3-hour nap every night after I got home for work. And aside from that, I was so symptom-free that it was nothing short of shocking and wonderful to see a little heartbeat fluttering at my first doctor’s appointment in March.

My only real symptoms are wicked heartburn and cankles. ALREADY with the cankles, and they are not attractive. But that’s okay.  The worst part about pregnancy? Probably the only really bad thing is that I REALLY miss wine and margaritas. But that’s okay, too.

There have been a few Moments in my life; moments with a capital M, that shook me and moved me and blah blah blah, especially condensed in the last few years.  Like finding out that I got into vet school.  Or finding out that I passed the boards, and  then actually graduating (sitting in the auditorium, reciting the veterinarian’s oath with my classmates…sob!).  When my farmer asked me to marry him was a Moment, as was my whole wedding day.

And then the most recent moment, sitting in a small ultrasound room with my farmer holding my hand and the ultrasound wand on my slightly-bigger-than-normal belly; the ultrasound tech confirming with us that we did in fact want to know gender, and then announcing “well here it is; the answer is on this screen”.   I stared and half-guessed/half-knew: It’s a boy? It’s a boy! she cheerfully confirmed, capturing the image and typing those words across the screen.  And the moment was made that much more wonderful by a full anatomy scan which revealed a so-far perfectly formed little boy.

Up until that moment I was kind of hoping for a girl: the cuter outfits, not having to worry about her joining a frat, her taking after her responsible and trouble-free mama rather than her sometimes naughty daddy who often caused his parents great angst, etc.  But to find out that I’m going to have a SON, a little boy, that there is a penis in my stomach!!!!…it just knocked my socks off, and made this whole pregnancy thing a lot more real. And wonderful. I freaking cannot wait.

Can’t wait to meet my son and lose the cankles. And maybe celebrate with a glass of wine.


3 thoughts on “Moments, and a penis in my stomach!!!

  1. homeless parrot

    Pregnancy has been great so far. I realized today how much I cannot wait to hold our little baby girl! We’ve been married 12 years in July…so we’re beyond ready, I think 🙂 When in Oct are you due? Ours is Oct 1.

    And I envy your small belly. I’ve already gained 20#, and I have a sizeable bump. Got a lecture from the midwife just the other day! And I feel your pain (literally) on the heartburn!

  2. Christie Critters

    Congratulations on your baby. I was a late in life Mom who was told that it might take 6 months to a year to get pregnant – if I could at all…well, BINGO it was in the first month of trying…
    Go figure.

  3. Life in Vet School

    That’s so awesome!!! MM and I were leaning toward girl too (partially because we were both totally convinced that’s what we were having), and I love the little tutu skirts and sparkly shoes and all the girly stuff I never wanted for myself (they seem to make SO MANY MORE cute girl clothes than boy clothes). We were really surprised at the anatomy scan to find out that we were having a boy! But then I got really excited about that, and now that he’s here, I can’t even imagine having anyone other than him!

    I lived on famotidine and Tums for the last 2 months or so of pregnancy, and I also had a lot of foot swelling during the last month. Long walks were all that made it go away!

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