I’m not in the housecall business, and generally if people ask if I make them the answer is “no”.  But there are a few exceptions.  One is a cat that is too old and fractious to be put through the stress of a visit to the vet; his owners are lovely and live just a few blocks down the road.  He needs injections occasionally, and takes them much better in the arms of his dad in the kitchen. Another “patient”, is a dog who used to have his nails trimmed by his owner.  When the owner died, his wife couldn’t bring herself to take over the job. She called a week before we opened, two months after her husband’s death, to ask if I would mind –  it’s safe to say that if she asked me to do her grocery shopping  I would have happily agreed, but I certainly wasn’t about to say no to driving a few miles and cutting the nails of a sweet, calm old Lab, and alleviating some stress and sadness for her grieving owner.

I make almost no money whatsoever from these trips: housecall fees are readily waived for brownies or good conversation.  But I love doing it, I love being a small town vet who is able to do it; there’s something sweet about being let into someone’s home and being able to help them and their pets so directly.


4 thoughts on “housecalls

  1. J

    Just wanted to say your blog makes me happy. I’m a VM2 at ISU and sometimes I need be reminded that all of the craziness is worth it!

  2. Becky

    As a 3rd year vet student, one of my most rewarding experiences this year has been as a volunteer with our university’s Pet Hospice program. My last hospice patient was a little old male dog in chronic renal failure who HATED going to his rDVM for SQ fluids (it would upset him for the rest of the day). It was so sweet to see how relaxed he was when we could do his fluids at home, with him sitting in his mom’s lap and handling the whole thing very calmly. The hospice program has also given me a much better understanding of how families deal with an ill pet at home, and how confused they can sometimes be about what’s going on with the pet even after the vet thought the family understood the situation. I wish there were more Pet Hospice programs available, because it is such a great resource for pet owners in our community.

  3. H. Mynn

    Just dropping by, wanting to say that reading your blog makes me feel inspired and confident that I am going in the right direction…I am studying to be a vet. I’m currently doing my A Levels, and go for work experience at a vet’s every Saturday.
    I absolutely cannot wait to be able to treat animals..and reading your blog does help to satisfy my need.. =)
    Thank you so much, and do continue writing.

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