i had no idea

About six months ago, I was on orthopedic surgery, and it was a slow day. As I recall, Ortho days were either crazy or mind-numbingly dull. This day was the latter. The intern on the rotation with us, who was great, was talking about how she had visited an elementary school for a career day, and had been asked by the students: “Which was the happiest day of your life – your wedding day or your graduation from vet school?”.

She laughed at the question because, to her, the answer was so obvious – obviously, the happiest day of her life was her wedding day. Duh.

I was confounded. Wedding over graduation?!?!?! Seriously?? I had been working on graduation for ten years – I had poured my heart and soul into it and the achievement was far, far above than just having been lucky enough to meet someone to fall in love with and want to celebrate your life with. A wedding is nice, sure, but really it’s just good luck, I thought. Graduation is a symbol of massive achievement, hard work, endless studying and learning, and, most of all, the beginning of an amazing career.

Needless to say: my wedding day was the best day of my life so far. Even coming so close on the heels of a really, really fantastic graduation day.

And don’t get me wrong, because I do still think the accomplishment of graduation far outweighs that of a wedding – having been single and lonely and a little bit miserable for much of my twenties, I can honestly say that my marriage really is just good, brilliant, amazing luck. By contrast, I worked my ass off for my graduation.

And my graduation day was a really, really great day. I’ll always remember how it felt standing on the stage and receiving my (fake) degree, tearing up while reciting the veterinarians oath, the fun of the party with my favorite girls after the ceremony. I’ll remember my family being there by my side and the fun of our celebrations.

But the wedding…I can still tear up just thinking about how perfect it was. And it was, every last bit of it. Even waking up at 3:30am the day of and not being able to get back to sleep, and then trying to take a nap at 1:30 before realizing that I was getting married in three hours and hadn’t yet shaved my legs, let alone had my hair done or put on any makeup. The location was stunning, the weather was just amazing, but really more than anything it was being surrounded by friends and family, mine and my farmer’s, and feeling completely loved and happy.

And at 4:30 on Saturday after I finally was escorted down the aisle by my mother and father, with my brother making sure that the music played correctly and my sister waiting in her maid-of-honor spot, it was holding hands with my future husband and being so happy to see him, because of course he looked delicious, but also we had been travelling together all week and that day was the first day we hadn’t gotten/had to hang out ALL DAY LONG, and I realized that I kind of missed him and couldn’t wait to just sit and chat and catch up with him. After we said our vows and exchanged rings, of course.

I’m a lucky, lucky girl.


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