My Vet School Days, DVM.

I graduated.  It was brilliant.

I officially passed my last rotation, the one that had me crawling around inside horse abdomens and writing long papers moments before graduation.  I got a 99.5% on that paper, too – maybe it wasn’t as misorganized as I thought, or maybe the professors just wanted me to go out on a good note.

My family was here (some still are), and it was so so nice to have them. It was a really really great weekend.

Now I’m trying to get ready for the next step: being a doctor and not just a student; living my life rather than just working towards one.  It was weird like this when I first got into school and had to transition from really wanting to go to vet school to actually being there.

Things went well then, and I have no doubts, they will now too.


4 thoughts on “My Vet School Days, DVM.

  1. Mandy

    Hey, great job on the big stupid paper! Congrats, and I hope graduation day was everything you were hoping it would be.

  2. Dr Ferox

    Don’t worry about the transition- it’ll hit very suddenly about day 3 of work. The first few months feel like you have to sprint all the time just to catch up, you’ll realize that you never did enough surgery and will deeply miss the comradeship of having classmates.

    I’m told it gets easier.

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