puppy talk

I was suspicious that there would be a honeymoon period with my new little pup. He was soo sweet and demure initially, but he was also scared and emaciated, so of course I figured that once the little guy perked up and got comfortable with his surroundings, he would become more…of a puppy.

And of course, I was right.  Not to say that he isn’t still a sweet, darling little creature that I’m crazy about it, but OH MY GOD, what a little shit he can be!!!  The play biting, the barking, the unwillingness to sit still for 20 seconds while I fill his food bowl and place it on the floor, etc., etc.  This boy is a puppy for sure.

And I’ll admit, there was one night, when he was in my apartment (um, no dogs allowed!) and kept barking at me and wouldn’t settle down; and I was exhausted from a long day of being at school and stressing about when I could come home to let him out, and coming home to let him out only to find that he REALLY didn’t want to go back into his crate; that I was almost certain that I had made a HUGE MISTAKE.

But of course, the next morning, when I went to open his crate and he stretched and wiggled his warm little body and snuggled up into my arms and peed outside like a good little pup, I knew that I just had to be more patient.  And I have been, and things have been immeasurably better.

The biggest relief is that he’s gone to live at my boyfriend’s house. I felt pretty miserable about this initially – how irresponsible is it to adopt a dog and then hand him off to someone else??? – but it’s working out so well, for all three of us, that it just doesn’t bother me. The house is huge, it’s in the country with no busy roads to run into. He can run in circles indoors and out, and bark until his heart’s content (or until we beat him, either way), and he is happy, happy.   And I’m there a LOT anyway, so I get to see him pretty much as much as I would if he were in my little apartment.

It also helps that he’s pretty smart and responds very well to training. He’s already learned “sit”, and gets “lie down” and “shake” if he’s not too hyper. We’re learning to control his barking (which he only does when he gets really excited and playful) and the biting. He’s pretty well potty-trained, though still has the random accident here and there.  I’m no longer getting up in the middle of the night to let him out, and he’s had no problems making it through the night. Plus, for no obvious reason that I can tell, he doesn’t mind his crate there at all.

So all in all, things with the puppy are really great, but there definitely was an adjustment period.

We even named him: Milo.


One thought on “puppy talk

  1. Life in Vet School

    Wow — he sounds like a handful! It’s great that your boyfriend has a house where he can hang out, I’m sure you don’t need to add worrying about eviction to your list of stresses! Post some more pictures when you get a chance, please — he’s really cute and they grow so fast at that age! 🙂

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