best client yet

She came in, 15 minutes late, with her sick young pet, wearing a white coat. And, I kid you not, a stethoscope. And announced immediately and importantly:  “I’m a med student, so I know alllll about this stuff! That’s why I’m so late you see, I had to see patients*”.  (a 3rd year medical student, upon further questioning). And then curiously proceeded to smile condescendingly when I explained that I was a 4th year veterinary student who would be taking the history and performing a physical before the doctor came in. Like somehow my patients (her dog!) were so much less important than hers.

Her history questionnaire was full to the brim of acronyms and medical lingo, just in case we dare forget her stature.

She proceeded to instruct me on the best method to restrain a dog (because, you know, restraining animals isn’t something I do repeatedly, every single day). She told us to place the dog on his left side because it’s MUCH easier to hear the murmur that way (because, you know, dogs are little furry humans and their hearts are also left of midline). And when it came to a sore paw, she had localized the lesion to a tiny pedal muscle that dogs don’t actually have – and if they did, it wouldn’t make sense to try to localize anything that precisely anyway.

When it all came down to it, she actually was nice enough; just so cluelessly full of herself that she was automatically condescending, whether or not that was her actual intent. I couldn’t help be put off almost immediately.  And, truth be told, alternatively giggle and seethe about her for the rest of the day.

* I could almost forgive this comment because perhaps she was trying to tell us not to dumb anything down; but still…ICK.


One thought on “best client yet

  1. VetSchoolBlog

    Hee hee, this made me laugh. Can picture her perfectly. Good for you for not smacking her. I would have had a hard time biting my tongue! I’m not worried about treating pets some day, it’s the owners I worry about! 🙂

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