one-two punch

Fall has arrived! But really, it’s not as bad as I feared. I’m pumped up. I’m preparing well. And generally I’m happy, which helps immensely.

In LESS THAN A MONTH now, on October 16, I will give my Grand Rounds presentation. This is a ritual which some vet schools put their seniors through (others just require it of interns, or not at all…lame!) in which each student has to give a 10-20 minute presentation on the veterinary case or topic of their choosing to an audience of faculty, staff, and some assortment of students (for us, that would be all 150 3rd years and probably a third of our own class). I’m generally okay with public speaking, but it’s still nerve-wracking…there’s always a professor or two seemingly trying to trip you up with a random question.

I have yet to choose my topic, but I have one in mind; it was one of the very first cases I took this year, when I was on ICU. It’s an topic that is interesting to me, and I think the case was convoluted enough to be interesting but not confusing. I’m going to hold out for another week before making that my final answer, just in case something better comes along for my next week in medicine.

And then, IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS, on November 16, I’ll be taking my boards, the test that will hopefully give me a green light to become a licensed veterinarian and finish the rest of my veterinary school education in a happy little state of bliss. I’m taking it the first day that it’s offered, which is perfect for me – I’ll be very happy to get it over with. It stresses me out a little, but increasingly less so (thank GOD). I’m doing VetPrep pretty consistently and am actually getting better at it, so I think there may be hope for me after all.

So ‘m taking it in stride, and hoping for the best. No matter what, in two months, almost all of the stress of vet school will be behind me*, and that is really remarkable.

*I’m assuming that I’ll pass the boards. Because I will pass the boards.


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