home again

I’m back, and nearly deliroiusly happy about it. Perhaps it’s proof that I’ve become a homebody, but coming back to my little apartment, and being in my own space again, my own life again, has filled me with a warm contentment I wish I could bottle to preserve forever.

Iowa, of course, has changed: the soy fields are turning yellow and the corn fields a less-than-vibrant brown. My cats I think have gotten fatter (if that’s even possible), but it might just be a trick of my memory as I haven’t actually weighed them yet. Our vegetable garden apparently took steroids when we weren’t watching, because the vegetables are plentiful and in some instances, ENORMOUS – we pulled three zucchinis that were as long as my forearm and twice as thick; the tomato plants are heavy with tomatoes, giant pumpkins are too big for me to pick up, even the peppers came from behind and just need to turn red.

I start internal medicine tomorrow, which I’m excited for. It should be a somewhat difficult rotation, but good subject matter and a lot of learning, which is a good thing to do two months before boards.

And speaking of, I’m officially registered for the NAVLE (national board exam that I have to pass if I want to practice as a vet): I’ll be spending November 16, the first day the testing window opens, in front of a computer for 7.5 hours.

Seven more months!


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