cataracts, cloacas and cysts

Things have been going relatively really well at the new externship. It helps that I’ve come to realize that externships just aren’t the best thing for me generally: I’m not seriously evaluating these places as possible internships, and I do best when I have a defined role, a defined purpose and know how I can spend downtime best, as opposed to externships where I really am following people around and hoping to get taught and not get into anyone’s way.

But really, this place has been great. It’s a very busy general, emergency and specialty practice. My schedule this week has me on emergency for two days, surgery for two days and medicine for one, which keeps me on my toes. My schedule for next week will be determined by myself, which is lovely.  The quality of the medicine they practice is high, the doctors are very happy to teach and the technicians very happy to relinquish their roles and let me doing some of the dirty work (my first ultrasound-guided cystocentesis (drawing urine out through a needle through the abdominal wall into the bladder) happened today – and actually, that was my first time ever using an ultrasound as well.)

There is a lot going on, too. When surgeries wrapped up a bit early yesterday, the ophthalmologist was happy to let me sit in on his bilateral cataract surgery. And today between medicine appointments the exotics doc was happy to have me watch over his shoulder as he performed a very new surgery on a white bird (ugh, have no idea what kind of bird it was) with a prolapsed cloaca. So I’m seeing a lot, and I’m seeing a lot of stuff that probably won’t be seen in Iowa.

And another nice thing: I have Labor Day off! Which is fantastic. Of course I’m spending today getting caught up on e-mails, paying bills, and studying for boards. Not that exciting, but it’s good to be productive. Just another week, and I’ll be on my way back to Iowa!


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