one quarter, three months, and a flying cat.

And just like that, my last year of vet school is one-quarter finished. Nine more months to go – I’m in the single digits!

Also, I’m on vacation AGAIN! YEA!!!! In 14 hours I’ll hop in the car and drive east, where I shall remain for 6 weeks. Two weeks of vacation, two weeks on externship in Maine, two weeks on externship in Massachusetts. I’ve got some mixed feelings about it, but most prominent at the present is excitement. I’ve been planning this trip for ages, and am so glad that it’s finally here.

Did I tell you that my cat, Roy, jumped off the balcony a few weeks back? The second floor balcony? Yep, he sure did. Not entirely willingly though, I don’t think. It went something like this: I was sitting here, at my computer, with the balcony door wide-open, as it usually is when I’m at home. The cats come and go and had never strayed or jumped or anything crazy like that. Well they were playing together and then, in typical cat-fashion, they started chasing each other like mad around the apartment and end up running out on to the balcony. Not all that usual really. A few minutes pass, and I think…hmmm. Maybe I should check on them? So I stick my head out and sure enough, Marty is lying down on the porch floor, just looking around, entirely at peace with the world. And Roy? Where’s Roy? No Roy. After three more seconds of searching, I find him, clinging to my neighbor’s outside windowsill which is about a 5′ jump from the balcony and about a 5 INCH wide ledge. And the cat, who’s usually as cool as a cucumber,  is now in obvious and understandable distress, as he can’t really keep his balance but is trying REALLY hard. And just as I start to reach over the railings for him, the poor guy loses his balance and really kind of admirably flings himself towards the ground. Lands on his feet, no doubt quite shaken, but entirely unharmed. I raced downstairs to retrieve him and like the good little cat he is, he hopped up into my arms. All was well.

It took my a few days and some good monitoring to let them back out on to the balcony, but I did, and the situation has not repeated itself. THANK GOD.

This situation might be proof that sweet little Martin might actually be pure evil. At least I think that if my best buddy were clinging for his life to a windowsill, I’d call for help or something.


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