the last tuesday

Today I only waited 20 minutes after my alarm went off to get out of bed. Went through the motions, and landed at school by 7:45 or so. 

First stop was to check out my spay kitten from yesterday, and I was happy to see she was doing great. Hurrah! [Last night, I finally figured out why being able to efficiently and properly complete a simple spay is so rewarding to me: I think it’s because it’s the first practical test we have, it’s the first thing that we are expected to do just as well as any vet out there would be able to. And I think it’s just a relief that I’m able to do it…helps to squelch that tingling fear that I might end up as a really shitty veterinarian…]

Then off to the library for two and a half hour to study for Radiology. FUN. Eck. I hate Tuesdays. At ten, we actually had a Radiology lecture. At 11: back to the library, to finish my first pass-thru of Infectious Diseases notes. 

At 1, we had our Last Cytology Lab ever, and as we walked in, it occured to me that if I was very careful, that could be the last time I ever stepped foot in that godforsaken pathology lab. I hate that room with a totally unneccessary passion. And then at 3, the last class for the day, my favorite, Radiology. Today we had to complete our last group assignment (she assigns us a set of x-rays and we have to provide a complete analysis, usually based on some short history like “13 year old dog, vomiting for 3 days”). We were able to work on that for an hour, after which we spent an hour reviewing the cases. My group did okay – missed a few things probably but generally didn’t screw it up too royally. 

And that was that. My last super long-and-painful Tuesday! Three days left, and actually, thanks to some curious scheduling, only four more hours of class.


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