Driving home from a really fun time with friends last night, I hit a deer. Or maybe a deer hit me. It’s hard to tell. First her larger friend darted out in front of and I slowed right down and missed him and was all relieved and “phew! glad i missed that-” BANG! There comes deer #2 right into my front bumper. I felt like such an asshole, looking in the rearview at the still form on the side of the street. No motion whatsoever. Poor deer. 

Fortunately, sort of, I was much luckier than the deer. I’m not exactly sure how I avoided either running her over or having her fall up on the hood, but I did, and my car, though well dented and bruised (and with terribly sad little tufts of fawn-colored fur) is still completely drivable. The headlight even survived (though the blinker did not).

Unfortunately, it is going to be expensive to fix (the hood and side panel will both need to be replaced), and of course I still have a $1000 deductible, and of course…I don’t exactly have $1000 kicking around. And if I did, my first pick on how to spend it wouldn’t be on a shiny new side panel for a 2000 Corolla.



One thought on “craaaap

  1. Jen

    Find used parts (from a junkyard) and have someone install…then all you’ll need is a (cheap) paint job, all of which will be much less expensive than going new. You might be able to find a small general repair or body shop around to find the used parts and put it back together for you (plus they’ll now exactly what parts to find). I’d think the 2000 Corolla is a popular model, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding parts. Sorry about the accident! Glad you’re ok.

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