spring break!

It’s hump day of my last Spring Break! Ever! Gah. 

This is the first vacation of any duration (Thanksgiving, Christmas or Spring) that I haven’t gone scampering back to New England. And while I do miss the travel and visits, having time to just be here and relax AND be productive is really rather lovely. 

I haven’t been just a lazy sloth, though, I did escape for two whole days to Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis, to visit friends of a friend with the friend. We had a good visit – I’ve never been to MN, my friend was nice enough to indulge me with not just a trip to the Mall of America but even a good five minutes taking in the sights in the Bloomingdale’s shoe department, and of course it’s always good to get away. But it was also nice to get back, and have almost a whole week to kill. 

And so, that’s what I’m doing. Sleeping in, getting some work done, even doing some studying. I think it will be just what I need to really focus and push through the next seven weeks!


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