Day before:

6PM: My last class is done, the evening is stretched out ahead. Head to Starbucks and Subway.

6:25PM: I’m camped out in the library with my iPod, a new latte and a sandwich for dinner. Need to just finish going over everything.

7PM: I’ve finished my first pass-through of the material. Feeling good, almost ahead of the game. Start going over it again, studying it and learning it. 

9PM: Tired, bored.  Wish I were…anywhere else. I’m procrastinating, so I leave the library for a study room since the library will be closed in an hour and I want to get back on a roll. Change of pace is good.

10PM: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Just started looking at old exams and I KNOW NOTHING. Well some things. But what’s with these questions?!?! This isn’t what we’ve covered in class?! PANIC is setting in. IT’S BAD. Thoughts of an all-nighter dance in my head. 

10:15PM: I start my mantras: In two years, this exam will be but a distant memory. I have studied well, I probably won’t fail too terribly. I can step things up for the next exam. Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Don’t panic.

10:30PM: Remember that I’m really not a night person. Sleepy. 

11Pm: Head home. 

12AM: Lie in bed, read the notes, commit two diseases to memory (Listeria, Blue Tongue).

12:30AM: Sleep. 

The day of:

5AM: Alarm! Up, dressed, forgo much-needed shower. Commit another disease to memory (Tetanus, easy). 

5:30AM: Hit the Kum and Go for coffee. 

5:45AM: At school, back in the same study room. Have 3 hours. Must focus!

5:50AM: Need a plan, can’t go at this willy-nilly. 180 minutes. Approx 50 diseases, so 3 minutes each, then review scrapie and Mycoplasma management during Large Animal Disease (my 9AM class). Go team. 

5:55AM: I counted: actually only have 43 diseases to know, plus mastitis stuff. So, 4 minutes each, plus an additional 8 to check e-mail. Go team. 

6:22AM: Have gotten through 10 enteric diseases. Totally ahead of game, am genius. Except that the enteric ones are kind of the easiest. Start to go over them again.

6:27am: Wonder why it took me 4 minutes to check e-mail when I didn’t even have any. 

6:35am: Moving on to next set of diseases. 

6:45: Losing steam. Brain full. Coffee nearly gone and I’m hungry, but cafeteria doesn’t open for 45 more minutes and I have no cash for vending machine. Boo.

6:53am: Steam. lost. But moving on to next set of diseases (abortion diseases). 

7:09am: shit! damn internet. back to studying. 

7:45am: had breakfast, need a change of pace. Moving back to the library and shutting down computer for last hour.


5 thoughts on “countdown

  1. Life in Vet School

    I like your countdown — that’s a pretty good account of what happens pre-exam! I’ve actually had to start leaving my computer at home, because no matter how much work I have to do, I end up surfing and emailing if I have it with me — it’s a black hole.

  2. Life in Vet School

    Oh, I forgot — how on earth do you get by on 4.5 hours of sleep? I’m sure every night isn’t like that, but you seem to frequently mention going to bed very late and waking up very early. Is this something I can learn to do? 🙂 Because I currently need a very pathetic 7 hours a night to minimally function, and 9 if I want to be rested. How am I going to do an internship and residency needing 7 hours of sleep a night?!?

  3. ejh345

    Yeah, I know I SHOULD get more sleep before an exam, but I really can do pretty much fine with that amount of sleep – I can’t do it more than a night or two in a row, and it makes me cranky, but I’m functional. Not sure if it’s a learned thing though. 🙂

    Very smart about leaving the computer at home – I think I’m afraid I might combust if I couldn’t check e-mail or facebook every 10 mins…

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