future cow vet?

No, probably not. But today’s large animal med exam wasn’t too bad, actually.

95% of our exams are multiple choice, which has it’s ups and downs. On the bright side, we know what to expect and it does make studying somewhat easier. But on the other hand, it’s easy to come out of a multiple choice exam feeling that you did a whole lot of studying for not a whole lot of actual knowledge regurgitation. 

I didn’t know, going in, what the format of this test would be, and so I was pretty well prepared to regurgitate pathways of milk fever and ketosis and differential diagnoses of sick neonates, etc. So when the test was handed out and, sure enough, it was just multiple choice, I was almost a little bit disappointed. Yet at the same time, a little more overjoyed. Comfort in the familiar, after all. 

I made some bad guesses, which I ALWAYS do and is always irritating, but really, it was fine. Best of all, I felt relatively confident going in to the exam, which makes me think that I might be able to help a sick cow in the future. 

If I absolutely had to. Which, hopefully, I won’t.


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