happy saturday

What is better than a Saturday morning where you wake up without the help of a blaring alarm, and lazily either read the paper or a magazine and enjoy a nice, idle conversation over your cereal and coffee*? OK, sure there are a few things, perhaps including the Saturday morning spent at a nearby diner eating eggs and toast, or whatever, but Saturday mornings are just a happy time for me**. The weekend stretches ahead, and even though there is work to be done, there are a few moments where I feel like just a normal human being, and not a silly student. 

There is work to be done, though, so the feeling won’t last for long. To officially complete the law class we took a few weeks ago, we have to work in pairs (one half of the pair being the prospective employer, and the other half the employee) and negotiate a complete work contract. Seeing as how it took me almost an hour to just find the assignment last night, I have a feeling that this will take a while to complete; fortunately however, I am working with a good friend so it shouldn’t be too painful. 

I’m going out tonight; not sure exactly what we’re doing, but it might involve a trip to Des Moines or bowling or something, because I’m in the mood for something just a little bit different. Though if we do go bowling, odds are I’ll remember why I usually always end up doing the same thing. 

And tomorrow, for real, I’m going to get my study on. Even though this semester is insane in a good way, there is a lot of ancillary studying that I should be doing, but haven’t: for example for Radiology we should be familiar with the bones in the carpus and tarsus, the features of the long bones, etc; for Ophthalmology we should know the various foramena in the skull and which nerves traverse them. If there’s anything that the Qualifying Exam taught me, it’s that being able to recognize a carpus is not the same thing as specifically knowing the bones in a carpus. And as for nerves and foramena well, hahahahaha. That was also freshman anatomy, and really just a distant memory. 

So I’ll go back to real life in another 20 mins or so, but until then, I’ll just pretend. 

* I’m still so happy that they serve Dunkin Donuts in the grocery stores here now!

** Except for the Saturday before finals. That one is too full of dread and obligation to be enjoyable.


2 thoughts on “happy saturday

  1. Tayaki

    are you watching biggest loser this season? i think it was you that shares the same likes in television as me. i’m watching the first episode of the new season right now and got all teared up when they started crying. i am so sad about the obesity crisis we’re having with our nation’s children. it’s really horrible.

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