the afternoon after

“Prom” or otherwise, I had a great time last night. It was fun to do something different, hang out with my friends as if we were grownups, etc. Even though the dinner started at the elderly hour of 5:30, it was good food; the talent show was funny and good, and the rest of the night was just really really fun. 

So really it’s NOW that I must pay because I was out late and somehow it’s 2:30pm and aside from making it out for brunch a few hours ago, I haven’t been very successful at peeling myself up off the couch. Yuck. 

Anyway, in more veterinary-related news, last Thursday us 3rd years had the day off from classes so that we could sit for a day-long Qualifying Exam. It’s something of a misnomer because the exam didn’t count for any sort of grade or credit; it doesn’t actually qualify us for anything. It it counts on some sort of national scale for the school to kind of compare the Iowa VM3s to those across the country, and is similar to the National board exams we’ll take late next fall. 

It was a little bit painful. There was a morning and afternoon session with 150 questions each. On the plus side, there were only one or two questions that were entirely over my head. But on the negative side, there were a LOT of questions for which I knew I had known the answer at some point, but no longer did. Hopefully I did well enough to not horrify the school administration. 

Ugh, now it’s past 3. I must get motivated. Love three-day weekends.


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