in a week

In a week, I’ll be in Iowa. If I’m good, I’ll be in bed already, the apartment around me clean, notes organized for the commencing semester, and lunch prepared and in the fridge. 

More likely I’ll still be in the midst of unpacking, and I’ll be too hooked on Super Mario Bros and more modern Wii games to get in bed much before midnight, let alone prepare lunches in advance and organize notes…but that’s okay, too.

For now I’m back in Boston, just for a day before heading back to Iowa.  Same as always – right now I couldn’t feel further away from that life, but I know in a matter of days that will be the new normal and this will be just a warm memory.  Ah well. More interesting posts to come soon!


2 thoughts on “in a week

  1. Teresa

    Hey! New poster here, applied to ISU-CVM this year. Cant wait to see what next semester brings ya. Your pretty brave to even bring your Wii with you to school, I couldnt do it. Way tooo much temptation. 🙂

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