I never guess right on multiple choice tests anyway.

Next time, I’ll post the poll sooner so that I can actually benefit from the results! 

I went to bed, set my alarm for 2:45AM. It was a little bit painful, but actually not so bad: I got about 5 hours of sleep, the Kum and Go was there to provide coffee, and I was able to go over everything I wanted to before the exam. I don’t think 2:45 qualifies as “morning”, but you know what I mean when I say that I’m a much better morning studyier than a nighttime one. Very occasionally I’ll get into a good groove and be able to stay up til 12AM, maybe 1AM working, but usally when the clock strikes 9 at night, I’m a pumpkin (though I could stay up and watch TV for hours, of course, just not study). 

All the same, I wholeheartedly agree with the advice given, and do wish that I had been better prepared to get more sleep last night. I should mention though that option B. might have been a trick answer because I really did need to study (I think, anyway…would be interesting to test that, but I’m pretty sure I benefitted from the last-minute review). But from all the years working the overnights at the hospital I know that going without sleep is very possible, but it also has a very significant impact on reflexes, mental acuity, etc. When I’m sleep-deprived I do make a special point to carefully read over every exam question, circle keys words like “false” or “correct”, etc. For whatever that’s worth. 

And in the end, the exam went pretty well. I sailed through the endocrine stuff, got tripped up a bit on cardio and resp, made up a few points on derm and hematology. So it’s like the others, like pretty much every exam I ever take: not a disaster, not an ace. Good. Good enough. 

And so it goes, another semester under my vet school belt. 5/8ths!


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