On Monday I heard from three places regarding externships – three in one day!! It was a strange coincidence. Places have been almost uniformly terrible about getting back to me, so it was a welcome relief. I skimmed over my horoscope to see if there was some astrologic connection, but apparently there were some other forces in play. 

Yesterday I went through the day certain that I do want to do an internship. Maybe a high-stress one even. Who knows why – I’m back on the fence today. 

It’s a good thing – there are so many things that I want to do, and while I’m extremely lucky to have a mulititude of options, it also leads to a probably reasonable amount of introspection/self-doubt. Another permutation of me definitely would have LOVED to do an internship at my old hospital. LOVED to! I’m just not sure this permutation of me feels the same way. Similarly, I think at some point I really would have liked to be a mixed-animal vet. Or an academic. Or a housewife. A journalist. Etc. 

Whereever I end up, I’m pretty confident it’ll work out really well. I’m still looking forward to my epiphany.


One thought on “flashes

  1. Ljerrett

    Nicely put and perfectly encapsulates my current feelings as well. Why bother making life decisions today when I’ll be someone else by Monday? 🙂 Best of luck with your introspection!

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