it begins, it ends

I had my first final today. All the others are next week (4 more! only 4! 2nd semester first year I had seven, and it was wretched. 4, I can handle.). The subject was surgery, and I think I actually did pretty well. It wasn’t cumulative, just covered the surgeries we’ve done since the last exam (external fixation for orthopedics; feline surgeries, ophthalamic, and as always, general principles), and it was reasonably straightforward. I had to guess on some, but of those that I can remember at least I’ve figured out I guessed correctly. So, good start. 

Meanwhile, in related news, I did my last surgery today. Doesn’t it seem like yesterday when I was all nervous and excited about doing my first surgery? No? No, actually that feels like a million years ago. Hm. Oh well, anyway, today I wasn’t even the surgeon, just the assistant, and it was a humane society spay. Quick and easy, right? No? Oh. Yeah, it got kind of complicated. First since we’ve so far operated on one large dog and all the others have been small dogs or cats, the incision into the abdomen was made far too caudal – might have been appropriate for a neuter, actually. So then it was extended further cranial, but there were issues finding the linea alba, and it was kind of a mess. And then we found the uterus no problem but the ovaries were completely slathered in fat which we, with our small-skinny-dog and cat experience didn’t really know what to do. So anyway, by the time we got the reproductive organs out of the dog and the incision fit for an abdominal explore closed, it had turned into a long surgery. But all’s well that ends well (and it did – dog was up and warm and walking around before we left her). And it was a good reminder – never assume a surgery will be uncomplicated (except maybe a neuter), and never expect two animals to look alike. 

Anyway, I am EIGHT days from freedom, so I’m going to go study…something! I was planning on studying swine reproduction, but I left my notebook at school, so I think that means I could either study small animal endocrinology or equine post-parturient diseases. I think endocrine will win out – I love endocrine, and I need to do something at least a little bit enjoyable right now. Not that horses with ruptured pre-pubic tendons or prolapsed uteruses aren’t fun.  Or..well, anyway.


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