thursdays, and a retirement

I know i’ve raved on and on about my schedule this semester, but one day I’ll be happy to see behind me is Thursday. This is my typical Thursday schedule:

8AM-10AM: Small Animal med lecture (today: respiratory infections)

10AM-11AM: Reproduction (today: equine dystocias)

11AM-12PM: break! (today: studied in library)

12PM-1PM: Cardiology elective (today: lecture on arrythmia management)

1PM-2PM: Equine medicine (today: diarrhea! and then we started endocrine disorders)

2PM-5PM: Dermatology elective (today: reviewed cases on Sarcoptic mange [scabies], Pemphigus and another mystery disease combo that we’ll figure out next time)*

That’s a eight hours of nothing but lecture (granted today was more of a discussion in Derm, but it might as well be a lecture because I’m so not that into it anymore). By the end of the day it’s not that I’m tired so much as I just want to kill myself. 

Anyway, today there was one nice break in the day: we were excused from Derm for a half hour (whee!) to attend part of a retirement party for one of our professors. This man has been at Iowa State since 1963 – 45 full years. And he’s not exactly a wall flower – I cannot imagine anyone graduating without having at least one conversation with him, definitely in anatomy lab where he is a very learned and published professor, and mostly certainly when he’d approach you in the library or the hallways to stike up any sort of conversation (once, I got a brief but thorough lecture on the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, another he suggested, gently and kindly, that my hoop earrings might be out of style). 

So it’s kind of remarkable – all Iowa alumni since 1964 at least would know this man…almost all of the vets who have yet to retire. Quite a career. And it was a nice, albeit way-too-brief, break in the day. 

Fortunately, the retiree is staying on as a Professor Emeritus, so I hope to have more run-ins with him in the future. 


Back to studying for stupid oncology. Have I mentioned how glad I am to get a break next week???


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