This week is a good week to just end already

So there I was, just an innocent 3rd year vet student standing around minding my own business, going to class and such when out of nowhere this week just barrelled by and ran me right the hell over. It was a drive-by demoralizing.

It all started on Monday morning when I got the results of that renal test…I thought I had done pretty well on it and I totally didn’t. I’ll have to go in and take a look at it because I should probably figure that out. Hopefully I just gave stupid answers and its not that I just don’t know how the kidneys work. Then Tuesday we had a Pharmacology test which I felt very well prepared for and it ended up being really freaking hard*. Which is a pain just because I had studied pretty well for it, but then… And THEN, on Wednesday we had a surgery exam. Surgery exams usually aren’t too bad. Its nearly impossible not to study the surgery you’re about to do every week since there’s no way you can’t actively participate, and so the exams are largely common-sense, stuff you should know. Except for this one was totally out of left field – questions on anesthetic concepts we learned last Spring, a TON of questions on various suture materials…just random stuff. It didn’t go well either.

And then there’s been the stress of deciding my schedule for next year, which really, could I ever, just once actually do something AHEAD OF TIME?? Must I always wait to the last minute? I think I’ve got it largely figured out, but I spent most of today (8 hours of lectures on Thursday – NOT my favorite day) freaking out about it and hemming and hawing, etc.

I went and talked to the poor, dear, wonderful woman who’s job is to try to get the 4th years’ schedules figured out, because I wanted her advice on when to schedule time off for interviews and such, and she went off on a tangent about the national boards and how who fails them correlates pretty evenly to your class rank and how much you struggle during school. Now think about that conversation in light of how this week has gone and you can see the problem!

[The NAVLE, or National American Veterinary Licensing Exam, or just “boards”, is an licensing exam that must be passed in order to become a licensed veterinarian. You can take it either in mid-November to mid-December the winter before you graduate, or in April (most will take it in the winter so if they fail they retake it before graduation in April).  It is a 6.5 hour exam, all multiple choice. Though it is computerized, you don’t get the results until February. Try to imagine how much fun it would be to try to get a job as a veterinarian when you have just failed the boards. Or how much fun it’d be to spend the spring running up to graduation studying for the boards, AGAIN.

I think I’ll be fine taking the boards. What will drive me up the freaking wall and make me completely insane will be waiting for the results. And getting the results. And opening that envelope. Everybody gets their results on the same day. So what if I’m the only one in my class to FAIL?!?! ACK!!!!!]

These are the weeks that make me want to go back to my day job.

Hey, guess what? A year from today I could be taking the NAVLE!

Deep breaths, deep breaths. Okay. Focusing on the present…

I got the pharm grade this afternoon and it wasn’t actually a disaster. Not a great grade, but not far from my average for that course anyway. So that was good. And I got an A+ on an equine repro quiz today!! Ha! Sure it was only a two question quiz, but I’m trying to be positive. I also think that I have made three decisions about next year which might not sound like much, but in light of my crazy indecisiveness lately, it felt good.

Best of all, it’s Thursday night. I’ve got high hopes for the weekend, and no tests for 6 long days.  Hallelujah.


One thought on “This week is a good week to just end already

  1. Tayaki

    we have to do 25 weeks of “extra mural clinical studies” (aka externships) starting christmas break till we graduate. it’s highly unorganized. they basically told us last week that we were to email them an approval form of what practice we were going to see three weeks in advance for prior approval…that’s it! there are minimal requirements, like seeing at least 4 weeks small animal, 4 weeks mixed/large animal practice, 2 weeks equine and 1 week slaughter house (joyous) but other than that, it’s our own problem.

    and unfortunately, i couldn’t have started this from first year because they said we wouldn’t “know anything” until after 1st semester 3rd year.

    brain exploding….now!

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