Did you see that? Did you notice what just happened?? Don’t feel bad if you missed it, because I did, just as I do every year. 

October has (almost) passed. And it was another busy, full, crazy month. And I don’t really know how I spent my time. 

We had an exam this morning (it took me a few moments to remember what it was over – Vaccinology in our small animal medicine class), and so from 9AM this morning until 11AM a week from Thursday I am a women free from exams. Yay! 

Another annual occurence coming up is, of course, Halloween. I admit, I’m never that into Halloween, it just doesn’t really appeal to my anti-social nature. I always get dragged, not exactly kicking and screaming, into a costume idea with my girlfriends (1st year: Duff beer bottles, 2nd year: bees) and we go to the vet school party. And what do I remember most about the last two Halloween nights? That I couldn’t MOVE by about 30 minutes into the party because I’m always stuck wearing uncomfortable shoes (what, you didn’t think a beer bottle could wear anything but a skirt and heels, did you? or a bee, for that matter???) and my feet are screaming in pain. So this year year the ONE thing I wanted out of my costume party was to be able to wear comfortable shoes. And I pushed really hard for my costume idea (Care Bears!!! Cute, good for a group, I could be Grumpy Bear, we could wear sneakers!!!!! cute!!!! ), but lost. And I can’t reveal the costume yet but I can assure you – painful high heels will likely be involved.

Oh, AND the party has been moved to a BARN, OUTSIDE in ALMOST NOVEMBER, and the tickets are $5 more than they were last year. Harumph.

Grumpy bear indeed. 🙂


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