Happy hump days

Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week*.

It’s the only day we don’t have to be at class until 9. Other days are packed with lectures (4 hours on Mon + Fri, 5 on Tues, 6 on Thurs), Weds has barely 2 – an hour of small animal medicine and usually well less than an hour of surgery. And then the afternoon is spent in surgery lab.

I do really enjoy surgery lab, particularly because it is so hands on. Importantly, it’s the only large block in my entire week where I get to put my computer away and use just my head and hands. I LOVE this time away from my computer.

I take notes on my computer in almost every class, and so by extension I generally study off of it as well. Both jobs I have (not that I’ve done any work for BU lately) can be done anywhere, but must be done on the computer. Don’t get me wrong, I love the damn thing, especially checking e-mail obsessively, getting grades back quickly on WebCT, the distractions of Facebook and Twitter and blogging. But at the same time I sometimes feel like I’m cultivating an addiction I’d rather not have, as if I were being forced to smoke a few cigarettes a day.

I can’t wait to be a vet just so that I can cut the cord a little bit.  Of course I might end up going through a painful period of withdrawal. And of course most medical records are now digital and new vets are frequently issued a laptop for doing all their work. Sigh.

Damn that Al Gore and his crafty inventions.

* Favorite weekday anyway, behind Monday and Tuesday when I’m done at NOON!!!


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