busy week

I have an exam on Friday – this time over small animal cardiology. I hate Friday exams – I much prefer having a whole weekend to stem and stew over the material. When am I supposed to study for a Friday exam?

So I guess I’m in luck, because I also have an exam on Monday, in Pharmacology, mostly over antibiotics. Bah.

Tomorrow I’m scrubbing in for real on a spay or neuter (depending on the sex of the dog), and this time the little pup will get to hop back on the shelter bus and go find him or herself a nice home. Assuming of course, that I don’t accidentally kill it.  I hope that is a safe assumption.

And Saturday I’m having the school-wide picnic, courtesy of my pet food company. We’re holding it almost a month later than we did last year, and so I’m pretty much delirious that the forecast calls for it to be sunny and mid-70s. Still it’s a colossal pain organizing a picnic for so many people.

And there’s work. This web site project that I started for the professor last year is finally scheduled to go live on November 1, so it’s time for me to wrap up implementation and plow through testing. Since project management was going to be my Plan B if vet school didn’t work out, I’ve actually been enjoying planning and organizing the testing phase of things. And on the development side of things, it’s actually at a good point – I’m not worried anymore about making it work, I pretty much know how to do what i need to do, and I just need to find some freaking time to do it. And, truth be told, I’m kind of proud of it…it might not be the best work I’ve ever done, but it’s not bad. A while ago I responded to an e-mail soliciting help with data entry, and nine months later I’m almost single-handedly implemented a rather complex and robust Web site. Go me!


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