getting my study on

Last week was the first week, and then I spent what I’ve heard was an absolutely gorgeous weekend working in an absolutely gorgeous (sort of) basement. And now, I’m back in Iowa for the next three-and-a-half months and have to start studying (and keep it up).

As much as I do think I’ll like this semester, I’m pretty sure that come finals I’ll be completely overwhelmed with all the information. In a few years this stuff will hopefully make sense, it’ll be second-nature and nicely compartmentalized in my brain, but it’s not yet, of course. Info is thrown at us fast and though it’s thrown out in an orderly manner it still just ends up in a pile on a floor. It’s my job to do the studying, the cleaning and organizing that will get me closer to it making sense. (end metaphor)

I’m back in my favorite coffee shop, and the coffee shop guy totally remembered me from last year. He SHOULD have really, since this is my second home, but I still have this weird insecurity about being rather forgettable, so it was nice. It also made me feel a little better since I miss my buddy who worked the overnight shift at the dunkin donuts close to the hospital in Boston.


Today I had to ship a couple of boxes at school and one of the boxes was falling apart so I went into the warehouse to borrow some packing tape and scissors. My first clip of the tape and somehow I managed to slice into one of my fingers with the scissors. yeah, I’ve been using scissors pretty regularly for a good 28-29 years now, you’d think I’d have it figured out. And of course i was in a hurry so I bled all over the boxes, the dolly, etc. Genius.

And guess what we start tomorrow? Surgery. Yep, they’re going to let me operate. Just think of the damage I’ll be able to do with a scalpel. (noo, not really, I’ve had a ton of scalpel experience with cadavers and have yet to cut anything that I’m not supposed to, and I think that with surgery I’ll be very focused and concentrating so hopefully won’t do stupid things like sever major arteries and stuff. We’ll see.)


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