I’m not sure why today kind of got me down, but it kind of did.

By all accounts, a good day. I had some stuff to do for the pet food company, which I got to school a bit early to take care of. Classes all went well, and even better, I was done by noon. Then I had some BU work to do and that even went nicely. I took a nap, went to a Spinning class at the gym, went to a friend’s house to hang out with some classmates for an hour or so, and am now home.

So what’s wrong with that? I’m not really sure. The novelty of being back has worn off, perhaps, and I haven’t even finished unpacking. I really need a shower. I wish someone would clean my kitchen for me. I have to start thinking about homework and studying (which is why I’m here, so you’d think it’s not a downer…but it IS).

I think I can chalk this up to a generic crankiness. I’m going to go shower and hope for an improved mood in the morning.


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