the gateway

So I’m in St. Louis for pet food company student rep training week. Last year I wasn’t really looking forward to it, and it turned out to be the best week of the summer. They put us up in a gorgeous hotel, cover all of our expenses, give us really nice gifts, take us out for fabulous dinners (alcohol included, naturally) – basically wine us and dine us like vet students NEVER get wined and dined.

All the same, this year I’m also not really looking forward to it…despite the divine nap I just took in the most comfortable bed I may ever have touched. Socializing with students just isn’t my best talent – put me at a party with a 30-something crowd and I’m a happy girl but early-20-somethings whose careers are almost entirely restricted to school are a little…less…my style, I guess. And also, there are bigger goings-on.

First of all, one of my bffs just had her first baby!!!! LAST NIGHT!!! AND I DIDN”T KNOW ABOUT IT UNTIL I GOT TO ST LOUIS!!! This is very irritating because she wasn’t due to deliver until Thurs or Fri in which case I’d have made it there for her all important first 24-48 hours. And now I’ll have to wait to meet her until she’s practically a grown-up.

Second, well, it’s a swamp here. St. Louis is on the Mississippi, and flying in we really got a view of all the flooding. I feel (slightly) like I should be out sand-bagging rather than indulging. And besides, I might get malaria.

Third, I worked at the hospital last night. Between the 1hr nap I just took and the 30 or so minutes I got on the plane, i’m a ZOMBIE!!! So a little sleep-deprived cranky. And I only had four patients, but they were all kind of strange, with their respective diseases not progressing as normal diseases should so it was kind of a frustrating, dissatisfying night in general.

Soooo, I suppose this means I’ve just written an entire post WHINING about having to spend a week in a gorgeous hotel in a very fun city on someone else’s dime. Poor me. I’ll shut up – and I have a luau to go to!!! With a bunch of 23 year olds! Who-hoo! 🙂


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