settling in

After 25 hours in the car and 1700 miles I’ve landed back in Beantown and am beginning to settle in for the summer.

I had my first night at the animal hospital and despite not being used to the hours it was really really fantastic. I only had  a handful of patients, but they were all sick with diseases that we had studied this past semester – seeing these things again and again, especially in real life situations is somewhat vindicating and more importantly really good in helping me learn.

I would love to have a photographic memory, but I definitely do not. When I found a little deer tick climbing up my knee in Maine last weekend I could remember that it was probably an Ixodes tick (I think??), the bacteria that causes Lyme disease is Borrelia bergdorferi…but I couldn’t remember if it’s a routine vaccination for dogs (I know the human one has fallen out of favor for ill side-effects), if someone who has had it before (me) can get it again, or if it’s worse when you’re reinfected, etc. – basically the clinically important stuff.

But it’s fine – it’s something to look up and review again, and similarly, as I’m working in the hospital I keep an index card handy and write down topics that I come across and don’t remember as well as I should, so that I can later study them (again). Someday, this will become second nature to me…I hope.

So that’s it, summer is here, I’m back in New England and happy to be so – I’m a third year!!! It still seems crazy that I’ve come this far. That’s actually another funny thing about being here in Boston particularly – I walk the same paths that I used to walk as a vet student-wannabe – Walking a dog out at the hospital at 4AM is tightly associated in my head with that time period in my life, and the little good and the lot of bad that came with it.

I’m rambling.
Off to the grocery.


2 thoughts on “settling in

  1. ejh345

    I will this weekend if you’ll be around, I really miss you guys! Only condition being that you NOT cook – I’ll bring takeout or we can order a pizza or something. 🙂

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