jinxed indeed

As I should have known, I now renounce yesterdays post. I have Virology in 9 hours and oh my God, I hate Virology. viruses are bad! There are a mere 110 that I have to know inside and out (and don’t let they’re microscopic nature fool you, they’re obscenely elaborate and robust), along with more general stuff like how various genomes replicate and how to go about isolating them from tissues and identifying them…hey, I have an idea! Maybe we could just send the tissue samples to a lab like every veterinarian in the country does! Grr.

Times like these I calculate how many points I need to get an A/B/C/D…and the good news is that I can’t possibly fail the class. Even if I get a 4 on the exam (can’t even get a 0 unless I don’t show up as there are 4 bonus points), I’ll still pass. But I don’t want a D. And what I REALLY don’t want is to miss an A or B by tenths of a point. If I get an honest B or C that’s just dandy, but I HATE It when I miss the next letter grade up by fractions.

Obviously, I’m procrastinating. Back at it.


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