I don’t often get manicures because a. I like to spend my enormous income on luxuries like groceries and electricity bills, b. at least two of my most of my fingernails are short and broken because b.1 I’m clumsy, and c. I’m a vet student in iowa and so the only people who care in the slightest about my fingernails are my surgery professors and would prefer them shortly trimmed and bare. However, my mani and pedi girlfriend was in town, and 9 of my fingernails were impressively longish (for me), and so off we went.

I got there, said I wanted just my hands done (no pedicure!), picked a color as instructed, and sat down at the little table, arms out. The manicurist sat down, smiled genteely, took out the fingernail clippers and within approximately 6 seconds cut every one of my nine nice, LONG fingernails down to short little stubs. I was shocked speechless, and only when she then pulled the tray of fake nails out did I understand and managed to squeek, “NO!! I just wanted you to PAINT my nails!”, at which point we both looked rather dumbly down at the table because my nails were now lying in a not very neat pile on the table.

Apparently, when you’re getting fake nails, the first thing they do is chop off your existing nails, no matter how lovely they may be. And apparently, when you say you want your nails done that means that you want a FAKE set of nails put on, not just a regular manicure?

I am merely grateful that I wasn’t there to get my hair done.


2 thoughts on “PSA

  1. Jennifer

    I laughed until I cried reading this…and barely could read it to Artie for my laughing. 🙂

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