The 1st rule of vet school is…you do not talk about vet school.

Okay, not exactly.

My real first rule of vet school? You do NOT talk about an exam after the exam has been completed. Admittedly, it is a learning opportunity, and I’m not opposed to looking up the answers in your notes or some other reputable source. But talking about it with your classmates is also an opportunity to drive yourself into complete insane insecurity. If there was a question you agonized over, and you find out after the fact that your friend choose the answer you did not choose, you will almost definitely assume you were wrong (unless you were just certain that you were right, and sometimes even then). They’ll also assume that you were right, but it’s either politeness or human nature….both of your decisions of the others rightness is entirely without merit.

Furthermore, your classmates will say, almost without exception, that that exam was the hardest one they’ve ever taken. So let’s say that you thought the exam wasn’t actually that bad. But you’re talking to your friend who thinks it was just horrendous, and as you discuss a few questions, you see that for just about every question, her answers made sense, and yours? not so much. It’s not good for the psyche.

Instead, in those post-test moments when the finishers are waiting for the non-finishers to finish, when they’re standing in the hall, I either take my time to finish the test slowly, or I go for a coffee or a quick walk to a remote bathroom or to strike up a conversation with a wandering other-classman (though sometimes they must be avoided as well…there are only two other classes, so we have a good general idea of when someone has a test going on).

I freaking love vet school, and really I have a lot of kick-ass classmates, but sometimes it can all just drive me bonkers, too. So that’s my first rule.


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