Today, our day back from Spring Break, we get to register for classes for next fall. When I’ll be a 3rd year.

I’ll be a 3rd year!!! Do you know how fantastic this is??? I’ve been anxiously waiting to be a 3rd year since well before my 1st year. When you’re a first year, pretty much everyone in the building is “older”, or at least wiser, since there are two classes ahead of you, and that’s just odd when you know you’re one of the oldest students in any class.  So I’ll just be more comfortable as a 3rd year, in the most advanced class in the building* rather than the least.

Another good thing about being a 3rd year is that you’re more than halfway done with all of vet school, and almost done with taking classes.

And the best thing about being a 3rd year is the classes. Where electives available to first and second years include riveting topics like “Medical Terminology” and “Beef Records Analysis”, now we can learn about actual medicine in Dermatology or Feline Internal Medicine.

Iowa has a very good surgery program which gets us doing surgery frequently at the start of our 3rd year, and doesn’t really let up. Where many vet students might graduate having done only 1 or 2 surgeries, we’ll have the opportunity to do hundreds. This is the most conflicting and scariest part of being a 3rd year, for me.

Scary because I’ll be cutting into a living creature and hoping that he could survive it. And conflicting because he won’t survive it – the surgeries are all “terminal”, and the patients will be euthanised before they’re allowed to wake up. This too is another post because I need to take a shower and then register, but it’s something that I’ve been pondering since day 1, and something that doesn’t really rock my world.

Notice that one of the good things about being a 3rd year is NOT the schedule – with good classes comes long days, but that’s what I’m here for (I’m trying to remind myself).

Even if little animals have to die for it, it’s exciting that vet school is flying by so quickly.

* 4th years are in the building too, but you run into them less frequently since they’re down in the hospital, so they don’t really count.


2 thoughts on “VM3

  1. allbutone

    Horay for registering for 3rd year! I remember being totally excited (and a little nervous) when I realized 3rd year was coming soon. To me, 3rd year led to 4th year which led to being a vet amazingly quickly.

  2. Lis

    yay, good for you. third year is hell year at our school, which makes me quake in my boots a bit, but once we’re done with it, it’s easy sailing from then on. we don’t get to register for classes till much, much later. but oh well, we have no electives third year, so at least we know what’s coming.

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