was i ever gone?

Coming back to Iowa after a vacation is always strange. My apartment is bigger and airy-er than I remember it being. It’s also much cleaner than I thought I left it, which makes me think I need to get my cat sitter a better gift. Or maybe I did better at cleaning than I thought I did? The cats are cuter too. The cats are also fatter, but that’s another post. But other than that? I feel like I never left and the possibility that spring break was just a nice long dream seem .

It’s even weirder when I drive back, as I did today. I stopped by Wal-Mart before I came home and so driving back could have been just any old trip and not necessarily the end of a 24-hour drive.

Speaking of 24-hour drives…so I spent 24 of the last 48 hours in my new car, right? Had nothing better to do, and literally was forced to stare at it for all of that time pretty much, right? I stopped by Wal-Mart to get new floor mats and I choose TAN floor mats that don’t even come close to matching the more silvery interior. It’s not even a hue difference, it’s an entirely different color, I wasn’t even close. And I really did think about it, standing in the store I was perfectly confident that I had the right color. My powers of observation are stellar.

So anyway, the drive was good. I’m tired. It’s a long drive. Though for the record, and a note to the myself in 7 weeks – I don’t really HATE the drive. It’s just the last two hours of it that seem to never end. The rest flies by, strangely. And really if there’s anyway to figure out how to get it done in one sitting, that’d be really good. Even though I don’t think it’s possible, having spent the last 12 hours trying to come up with something.

The week in Boston was really good, really productive – remember my list?  I have only ONE item on the list that is not completed. I’m really happy. But that too is another post, maybe several.

And I still love my new car. Driving it feels a little like being perched on the seat of a bass fishing boat – I feel up so high, as compared to the Audi where you just sink right in. But I had not a single problem, and I spent about $120 on gas getting back, and figuring an average price of $3.20, that’s about 40 gallons for 1400 miles…$.08/mile. 35 miles/gallon. Good!


One thought on “was i ever gone?

  1. Lis

    i just came back too! i’m incredibly jet-lagged (which is why i’m up at 3:30 in the morning. joyous, and i don’t even have cows that need to be milked. 🙂 i’m glad your spring break went well!

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