car free

For the next 24 hours or so, I am a car-free woman.

It had all gone so smoothly, I was certain that something would have to go wrong before the deal was complete. I was so certain of this that I tried to be less certain, because I felt like if the universe didn’t make it so my fearing it would make it so, in accordance with the old ‘what we fear, we create’ adage.

As I drove it to them I waited for a tire to blow or for a rock to crack the windshield. And when I got there I waited for them to say “Actually, we’ve reconsidered…” or something, anything. But the pens didn’t run out of ink, so the papers got signed; their bank DID get robbed, but they were able to use another branch to procure the certified check; and not even when they drove me to the airport did a tire blow or the car breakdown. I stood just inside the revolving terminal door and sadly watched my gorgeous little car drive away from me, as lovely as she was on the day I bought her. My eyes teared up (whatever, I’m pathetic) at the same time a huge wave of relief rolled over me and made me want to do backflips.

Assuming that I can make it all the way to my bank tomorrow without losing their check (knock on wood), I will just be counting my blessings.

The car, by the way, is very sound mechanically. I’m not trying to give the impression that I sold them a lemon, or that there was a good reason (other than murphy’s law) that it’d breakdown. Really they lucked out because that car was one of the loves of my life, but jeesh!! Win-win. And I’m glad for that because really, they were the nicest freaking people in Iowa and that’s really saying something because there are a lot of really nice people in Iowa.


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