just say no

I have a big pharmacology exam today that no amount of studying seems to help me feel more prepared for. A few days ago it didn’t seem soo bad, only 7 major classes of drugs after all, but now that I have the list of 40+ drugs, for which I have to remember their mechanism, site of action, effects, side effects, contraindications, etc., I can’t help but feel a little tiny bit screwed. Or really, a lot screwed.
The consolation would be that when the test is over at 2PM I can skip off to enjoy my Spring Break!!! but…I have a work meeting at 3:45 AT school, so while all my friends and classmates skip off to enjoy their Spring Breaks I’ll be sadly left behind, like an old dog at the pound, to spend just a few more hours at school.

But THEN I’ll be able to skip off, which will be nice. I’m going to go out with some friends to celebrate tonight, sleep very late tomorrow morning (if it’s possible anymore), and then start to tackle the rather disgusting piles of laundry and dishes that have been accumulating throughout my apartment. So I’ll be much happier in 8 (hopefully short) hours. Assuming I don’t totally bomb Pharmacology. Back to studying.

(By the way Lost last night?? So good! They totally had me completely fooled until the last possible moment. And crying like a baby. And no, watching TV when I should be studying is not indicative of any greater problems with my motivation. Harumph.)


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