I’ve resigned my apartment lease for another year – through July 31, 2009. (That’s re-signed…not “resigned”, as in quit.)

I was very seriously considering finding a 2 bedroom apartment with a friend here, but we ultimately decided against it. Because there’s such a huge student market here, we both had to decided by March 1st if we wanted to re-sign our respective leases and keep our current rates – which seems ridiculously early to decide about a lease that starts August 1. But, c’est la vie.

Our driving force was of course to save money – I probably could have lowered my rent payments $200/month. And that’s not chump change, especially when I’m lucky to make $200/month some months. However, I really really love my apartment – it’s huge, pretty, close to campus but in a lovely complex not inundated with students.

And I really, really hate moving. And I really really hated the thought of returning to Iowa three weeks early just so that I could move, and besides, that would mean that I’d lose 3 weeks of paychecks, so guess what? Not that much of a savings after all, when all is said and done.

There’s another reason that it actually makes financial sense to stay in the apartment, but I can’t talk about yet because it’s not a done deal and I don’t want to jinx it. So you’ll have to trust me.

(I’ve had fantastic money luck lately. Nothing that will make me a millionaire, but little things that keep me from having panic attacks. But I can’t talk about it because it’s not a done deal yet… sigh.)

Also, when I first signed my lease a year and a half ago, I got lucky and snagged a rental rate $60 below what it should have been, so even though it is still too expensive and more than I need, I can still convince myself it’s a good deal.

So, I’m happy with the decision. I’ll still consider moving next year, though, when I’ll be stuck here all summer and making even less money than I am now. And actually, next year I’ll be planning my last year, so it’d be FANTASTIC if I could get a lease that would end June 1 rather than August 1. Good stuff.


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