resolutions, February update

Resolution 1: Weight training for at least 15 minutes, 3 times a week, 3 weeks a month.
C. Was going really well until I got sick and took this week off. But I think that’s a legit excuse. If I can get back in the groove over the next two weeks I’ll redeem myself though, because I’m going to be really really busy otherwise (6 exams!).

Resolution 2: Floss 1x daily, 2x a day if you missed a day.
A+! I’ve missed a few nights but have always made up for it the next day.
Resolution 3: Eat breakfast and take multivitamin daily.
A-. Mostly I’ve been really good. My breakfast is either oatmeal (I hate the texture of oatmeal, but like the taste, so I just take a packet, add 3T of water plus ground flax seed for fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, mix it together, make the dough into a cookie shape and microwave it for 50s – oatmeal cookie breakfast! Works well as a healthy snack too.) or Special K – nothing exciting, but quick and tasty. I’ve cut down on morning snacks at school too.


2 thoughts on “resolutions, February update

  1. allbutone

    My dentist would kill to get me to floss! Yet somehow she understands that vet school is not conductive to good dental health. And I’m with you on the weight/training – it’s super hard to do when there’s no one there to hold you to it.

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