First weigh-in

Not for me, for my cats. Because you care.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a student rep for a big pet food company which means I have essentially limitless access to various pet diets. And I’m a vet student with access to board-certified nutritionists and all the advice I could ever ask for. And 120 damn laser pointers. As such, I’m not proud to have one very overweight cat, and one cat who looks fit enough but really should probably drop 2-3 pounds, especially since it’s so proven that heavy cats live shorter, sicker lives. So I’m going to start using this blog to track their weight loss progress (if they ever have any).

First weigh-in

Martin: 19.2lbs. BCS: 9/9 This cat is NOT a big eater, believe it or not. He doesn’t even like tuna, which is bizarre. He prefers dry food to wet, and so his recommended daily calories is 403kcals/day, or 1 cup of food/day. He’s already at this, so I’ll start him on 3/4C/day.

Roy: 14.0lbs BCS: 7/9. This cat LOVES to eat, and doesn’t really like dry food. He actually prefers tuna, ice cream and popcorn, but doesn’t get very much at all. His daily calories recommendation is 241.8, or 1.5 cans of food/day. But he only gets 1 can as it is, so I think I’ll just keep him on that, and combining that with less dry food available and more laser games, see if it helps.

I’ll check back in with them in a week!


6 thoughts on “First weigh-in

  1. Lis

    i’m sorry, i had to laugh a little when i saw 19.2 lbs and BCS 9/9. that is IMPRESSIVE! 🙂 wishing your cats good luck with their diets.

  2. ejh345

    I know, I know…I was going to give him an 8/9, but I think I’m just fooling myself. I think a better diet and a lot of laser pointer will go a long way for him though…

  3. Lis

    you know, “because i care,” you should post photos of their progress as well. that and i love fat cat photos. they make my day. 🙂

  4. Jennifer

    Get a dog. Both Oops and Oliver are back to ‘normal’ after just a few short months of Katie. Or, maybe it was the food you send us. But, I’m banking on the dog, since we had been getting the food before.

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