cold AND lazy!

It’s beginning to feel as if this winter might just go on forever. Every week it’s the same thing – temps oscillating between -3 and 30 (with such a strong bias towards -3 that 30 tends to feel tropical) and usually a few shiny new inches of snow.

Oh wait, I have to tell you something. I was driving to school the other day, and I saw something I’ve never seen before in Iowa. It really rocked my core beliefs about this place, left me befuddled and confused. It was…what are they called…a sander? A truck that distributes salt or sand on slippery roads, whatever that is called. Yes, here in Ames, someone was actually laying down sand on a slippery road. I did not understand. Why, when it hadn’t even begun to snow yet, was someone sanding the roads? Why start now, after a long and icy winter?? Is this just a once-a-year activity, as I have NEVER travelled on a road that was well maintained in Ames in the winter?? Does not compute. Curiously, that same day I also, and I’m totally not kidding, saw a big plow-truck plowing a road that was wet with rain, but not snow. A for effort people, any efforts are appreciated.

Anyway. So it’s cold, cold cold and I am so tired of it. I check the 10-day forecast every few days, and it’s just depressing because there is no end in sight. February is half over, Spring should be well on its way by now.

Since I always must want what I can’t have I’m dying to just get outside to exercise. I’ve been really good about going to the gym and running, but I’m getting sooo bored with the treadmill, I really need to change it up a little. But I just can’t bring myself to go run outside when it’s 11 degrees out. Which it is right now.

Today’s high is supposed to be 34, and so optimistic I was about it heating up that last night, after I had seen a movie with a friend, we swung by the K-Mart so that I could buy some coffee so that I could make it this morning and be all energetic for a morning run. And guess what??? K-Mart has Dunkin Donuts coffee!!!!!! I was so excited!!!!!! I really like Dunkins, and there aren’t any in the state.

But now I’m sipping my Dunkins coffee and….well obviously not going outside. 11! Ugh. Obviously I COULD go to the gym, but I’m so not excited about that. I’m soo lazy lately, it’s terrible.

I have a Pharmacology exam Monday, but then nothing until the first week of March (when we’ll have three exams a week for two weeks…and then SPRING BREAK! Yay! So, one more weekend of studying, and then I’ll be free as a bird, for a little bit anyway.


2 thoughts on “cold AND lazy!

  1. Heidi Kaisand

    Oh, the days of vet school at ISU. My husband is a 1993 grad. We lived in the trailer park at 111 Blueberry Circle. I have such fond memories. We don’t live far from Ames, so we make it to Ames a lot. I like the quilt shop downtown…Hickory Park…Dutch Oven…

    and I, too, think Spring may never come. We’re off to meet some of our ISU friends for a fun-filled weekend at a hotel with a swimming pool!

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