ethical survey

First, my answer to the last one was: hit the button and pay $25. I’m a student after all.

Here’s the next one. Purely hypothetical of course. And really more a legal question than ethical. But, whatever.

Say you have a car, that is registered in Iowa. You had the car with you in another state over the summer, and happened to accrue approximately $150 in parking tickets (which might seem a bit much but isn’t so bad considering). You have not paid these tickets (and for what it’s worth, no late notices have found their way to you, imply that the city doesn’t really know who you are).

Now let’s pretend you happen to sell the car that got the tickets. It will remain in Iowa and with new plates, and new owners.

What do you do? Do you:

a. Pay the tickets out of moral obligation

b. Pay the tickets for fear that that city will hunt you down and charge you exorbitant late fees

c. Don’t pay the tickets because you aren’t bothered by the morality of it

d. Don’t pay the tickets because you know there’s no way for them to ever find you again (assume that if you buy a new car, it will have new plates).



3 thoughts on “ethical survey

  1. Jennifer

    If I could get away without paying I would. But a couple of things to think about: 1) Not sure if this happens in MA, but if you were in ME, you could use the old plates on a new car (and save yourself a little money because they charge you for the plates) and 2) it’s possible that your current registration is somehow ‘flagged’ for your violations (and maybe your name?) But, since you haven’t paid the fines yet, another month or so isn’t going matter that much. I’d go and register the new car and see what happens. The worst you’d have to do is pay the fines/fees, which you would have to do anyway. Or better, register it in IA.

  2. elizabeth

    But the car IS registered in Iowa, so really I think my only potential problem is if 1) I do keep the same plates and 2) I have them on any car that is parked in Boston (which is very likely this summer at the very least). So now I have to wonder if it’s worth it to just get new IA plates…I have to see how expensive it would be. I think Boston must only have my Lic.# or else they would have gotten late notices to me by now…

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