thanks again, universe

Sometimes the universe really is good to me.

Just when I thought that boredom and homesickness might get the better of me, a Boston friend just happened to have an impromptu business meeting in Des Moines, and they happened to get stranded due to the crazy wind, and so I found myself out late with a few east coasters (my friend and some of his colleagues) in a fun Des Moines bar. It was great fun – totally great to be out among Boston people. Took the edge off the boredom and the homesickness in one fell swoop.

However, the time for boredom is gone – I have my first Pharmacology (that’s “Potions” for you Harry Potter fans) exam Friday and then two more exams next week. Not to mention the first episode of Lost tomorrow night!!! Can’t wait

Next post: New Year’s/semester Resolutions! I’ve made them, and I’m sticking to them so far, so I’ll let you know what they are, and the runner ups, along with a progress report.


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